48HoursLogo Review


Logo Design


48HoursLogo.com is an online logo marketplace, where clients post a job, and within 48 hours (as stated in the name) they’ll have a shortlist of 3 designers (of their choosing) working on the revisions.



Clients: It’s free to join for the client, however to post a job, there a $29 listing fee (over and above the fee for the job). Once the job is posted, the client starts receiving designs from prospective designers. The client chooses the top three, and the next stage begins. This is where the client works with the top-3 to fine tune their designs, until one clear winner is chosen. Then the client works with the winner until the design is complete, where the winner receives their prize, and the client receives their design. If the client isn’t happy with their results after the first stage, they can re-list, for a $19 fee, and try again.

Designers: To join as a designer, one needs to register, which requires the designer to take a brief test on design skills, to see if they qualify or not. Once registered, the designer can start looking for competitions to enter. If a designer wins a contest, they receive the prize less the 20% service fee that 48hourslogo takes as payment. There are also bonus prizes to be won, such as tips from clients, and referral bonuses ($3-$5 prizes). If the client doesn’t choose the designer to be the winner, the designer can still sell their designs to them, or to others.


48HoursLogo is for designers that work well on a short timeframe, that have quality work, and don’t mind putting in extra work for a few tips. It’s also for clients that have a small time-frame in which to get their logo done, and are willing to pay extra to make it happen