crowdSPRING Review


Logo & Identity. Naming & Branding. Graphic Design & Illustration. Web & Mobile Design. Product & Package Design. Business Content.

WHAT IS IT? is a platform for clients who require design work to be done for them. Its format is that of an online competition, where the design that gets chosen, is awarded the prize.



Clients: The client registers for free, and posts the job, complete with specifications and budget. The client is offered three different packages when posting a project; Silver ($299), Gold ($499), or Platinum ($1199). Each package offers more functionality and features for the client. The designers (called “Creatives”) then view the competition and create a design that they feel best fits with the specifications. Once the client has received enough submissions, they can review all of them, requesting changes and adjustments, before accepting the one they want. Crowdspring distributes the prize money to the designers on behalf of the client.

Freelancers: To join as a creative, it’s free with no hidden costs, and the creative then enter as many competitions as they want. The more that they enter, the more chance they have of winning, and the more they win, the better it is for them. The creative is granted 60% of the package fee as a prize.


Crowdspring is for clients that have a fixed budget, and know exactly what they’re wanting, with no hidden costs. It’s for clients that want something to choose from. It’s also for designers that don’t want hidden fees, but rather fixed amounts given.