DesignContest Review


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WHAT IS IT? is a design platform for clients who jobs they need completed. It works along the lines of an online competition, where the cash prize goes to the top placed designs.



Clients: The client registers for free, and posts the job, complete with specifications and prize amounts for designers. The designers then view the contest and attempt to create a design that will win them the prize. Once the client has received enough submissions, they can review all of them, requesting changes, or accepting one as the one they want. DesignContest takes care of distributing the prize money between the top 3 candidates on the client’s behalf. The client just needs to fund the contest, pick a winner, and receive their designs.

Freelancers: To join as a designer, one needs to register, and then enter as many competitions as they can. Each competition they enter (even if they don’t win) adds to their portfolios, which future clients can see, and hire them for private projects if they so desire.


DesignContest is for clients with a fixed budget. They need to have an idea in mind for their design, and a time frame that they need. It’s for prefer a range of choices, rather than a single end-product. It’s also for designers have a lot of talent to offer, and no medium to share it on.