DesignCrowd Review


Logo Design. Web Design. T-shirt Design. Flyer Design. Brochure Design. Business Card Design.

WHAT IS IT? is a platform for clients who require design work. It works along the lines of an online competition, where the cash prize goes to the top placed designs.



Clients: The client registers for free, and posts the job, complete with specifications and budget. The freelancers then view the job/competition and create a design that they feel best fits with the specifications. Once the client has received enough submissions, they can review all of them, requesting changes, or accepting one as the one they want. DesignCrowd distributes the prize money to the designers on behalf of the client.

Freelancers: To join as a designer, one needs to register, and then enter as many competitions as they can. The more that they win, the better their ratings will be, which will place them in higher work brackets, which in turn will give them opportunities to enter higher-paying competitions.


DesignCrowd is for clients that have a fixed budget, and an idea for their design that they want. It’s for clients that want something to choose from. It’s also for designers that like to be challenged, that are looking for extra cash in exchange for their designs.