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WHAT IS IT? is an online designer database, and marketplace. Clients can post competitions that any designer can enter, or post private projects for single designers.



Clients: The client selects one of four packages, namely Fast Track, Standard, Executive, and Premium. The more expensive the package, the more designs they receive, and the better quality the designs will be. The client will also receive more benefits if they pay for a more expensive package. The client writes out what they’re wanting, whether it’s a website design, tog bag design, or a picture to be worked on Photoshop. The proposal gets posted as a competition then, with the prize going to the designer that the client chooses. The designers all send through a submission that they feel best matches what the client wants. Once reviewed, the client awards the prize to the designer that they picked, and receives the full copyright to the design. If the client finds a designer that they like, they can hire them again via the “project” method, which works the same way as a freelancing website does.

Freelancers: To join as a designer, one needs to register, and enter as many competitions as they can. The more that they win, the better their ratings will be, which will place them in higher work brackets, which in turn will give them opportunities to enter higher-paying competitions.


This website is for clients that want a range of designs to choose from, the quality of which can be improved if they pay more, and for designers that have creative streaks, and want to stretch themselves to win the contests.