Ebyline Review


High-quality Content for Brands


Ebyline.com is a freelance website, aimed at writing jobs, as well as photos, videos, and infographics jobs. The site vets writers before allowing them to work on projects, so that the client can be guaranteed that their job is completed in a timely and orderly fashion.



Clients: All clients are offered a free 7-day trial to see if they like the work process, and results. Once logged in, they can search through the database, looking for a freelancer that matches their job, and budget range, and then send their job request. What makes Ebyonline different from other freelancing websites is that they charge a monthly fee, rather than job-by-job. So it doesn't matter if you have one job, or twenty, all will be done at the same monthly cost. The costs are either $50/month, or $420/year (which amounts to $35/month) if billed annually.

Freelancers: Working as a freelancer on Ebyonline.com is free, no hidden costs to join. However, to be allowed to join the company that hires previous writers for the New York Times, ESPN.com, and LA Weekly, just to name a few. Your application is reviewed before you can join, and points such as previous paid work, referrals from other writers, and qualifications all add points in your favor. Once you make the cut, you will be give work to do by your editors, and once completed, you'll be paid. No need for invoices, as you're paid directly once the job is done.


This website is for established writers, who are looking for a reliable source of income that caters to their specific writing style, and expertise. For clients, this website is suited to those that have a fixed budget for writing jobs, with no hidden costs, fees, or surprise payments required.