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Production Video. Copy Editing. Data Visualization. Whitepaper. Product Description. Content Audit. Article. Press Release. Animated Video. Infographic. Ebook. Blog.

WHAT IS IT? is a writing content platform, where clients can buy single items, or bulk packages of written content.



Clients: Creating an account as a client is free. Depending on which services the client is requiring, jobs can be requested straight away. There are various ways for a client to order written text, either in bulk, or one by one. There are monthly packages that offer a limited number of articles, or if the client just wants a single article, they can request one through that means instead. Once the client requests the article, it is sent through to a writer, who starts work on it immediately. Once completed, and paid for, the client receives their product.

Freelancers: For a freelance writer to join, they need to register, and submit a brief bio, and assessment article for to read through, before deciding whether to accept the writer or not. Payment is agreed upon between the writer and before work commences.

WHO IS IT FOR? is for clients that require monthly articles and blog posts, or other written content. It’s for writers that know exactly what sort of work they’re looking for, and prefer to be paid per word, rather than per article.