fiverr Review


Any digital work

WHAT IS IT? is an online marketplace, where freelancers can post jobs (called “gigs”) that match their expertise. These gigs are specific jobs, such as “I will create a wallpaper for your website” or “I will write an article” and so on, and so forth. The client can then browse the gigs, and once they find one they need, they buy it. How this differs from normal freelancing sites, is that freelancer posts the job, and the client picks it.



Clients: It’s free to register and use Fiverr (apart from when you buy a gig, that is). Once registered, you can search through the available gigs, and choose whichever ones you want. You can pay for jobs using PayPal, Your credit card, or Bitcoin. There’s no requirement to buy “in site” credits beforehand. Just click buy, checkout, authorize payment through whichever medium you choose, and it’s done.

Freelancers: Sellers sign up for free, and can post gigs on the online marketplace for buyers to see. The base pricing for any gig starts at $5. However, the seller can include “optional extras” and add extra charges for each of those extras. The scope of work offered is vast. Anything from digital picture edits, to music creation. Once a client has bought a gig, the freelancer can work on it, completing it in the agreed upon amount of time. Freelancers can either be paid via PayPal, Payoneer, or Wire Transfer (all withdrawals have a minimal service fee of up to $1). has a 20% charge on all payments, however when you consider that most payments are $5, that’s not a huge amount.


This site is for clients that need a digital service done quickly, and affordably, without having to make 20 different payments to get it. For freelancers, it’s serves as a platform for them to showcase their skills, talents, and work, rather than having to search for a job they think they can do.