Fourerr Review


Graphics. Video and Music. Writing. Technology.

WHAT IS IT? is an online marketplace, where freelancers can post micro-jobs that they wish to do, and clients can view the jobs, and choose the one they think will suit them best. It's a site where the freelancer offers the work, and the client chooses the best option. The more jobs that are posted, the more the clients and freelancers can earn "rewards" (or achievements) that will grant better ratings, and faster hiring.



Clients: You start by registering your account, free of charge. Once logged in, you can browse the available list of jobs, and decide which one you want to go for. Paying for jobs is easy, either by paypal, or through your Fourerr account credits, which can be paid for through external means. keeps payments for micro-jobs in escrow, until the client is satisfied with the work, so that there's peace of mind.

Freelancers: Freelancers (or sellers) post micro-jobs online, and charge a minimum of $4 per task. This can be anything from "I will create a website banner for you for $6" to "I'll write on a blog for you, for $4". Once a client (or "buyer") chooses a job, the client is free to work on it, and once completed receive payment for the job. Fourerr claims a 20% fee after the job is completed, for hosting the job, and helping the client find it.


This site is for clients that are starting out in their own businesses, and don't have a large budget for small jobs. For freelancers, it helps as a way to increase their bank balances a little, from the odd jobs here and there, which can be completed in their spare time. Alternatively, if enough time is devoted to the site, it can provide the same income as a full-time job, with the added advantages of working from home!