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Website Development. Graphic Design. Internet Marketing. Mobile App.

WHAT IS IT? is a freelancing website geared towards both clients, and freelancers. Clients post jobs they need done, and freelancers bid on the jobs, each showing off their past jobs, qualifications, and skills for the client to choose from.



Clients: The client chooses whether he/she wants to be billed hourly, or once off for the job, and posts it in the desired price range. From there, freelancers can view the job, and post bids on it, offering their own prices that they think the job is worth. Once the client has read through all of his/her freelancers’ bids, then the screen process begins, where the client reviews the qualifications, previous job ratings, and experience of the freelancers to find the best person for the job. The client is protected from being cheated by Freelancer’s role in all of this, as they hold the funds in escrow until the job is completed. There is a 3% charge to the client for all jobs accepted, whether completed or not however.

Freelancers: The website is free for Freelancers to use, and can start bidding on jobs as soon as their profile is verified! The freelancer browses through the various job types, and bids on a few of them, deciding how much they’ll charge, and how long it will take to complete. Then the client reviews the bids and hires the freelancer they feel is right for the job. There is a flat 10% fee that is charged to the freelancer, and the job is now theirs! The freelancer is protected from theft by, as they hold the remainder of the funds in escrow until the job is done. This fee doesn’t change, so there are no hidden costs that will creep up on you unexpectedly! You can take exams as well, to further increase your online stats for clients to see. Freelancer charges you to take the exams however, unless you have a paid membership.

WHO IS IT FOR? is a site that’s for freelancers looking to expand out onto digital platforms, and get work on the web. It’s also for clients that don’t want to travel far and wide to find someone capable of doing a job, where they can vet the freelancer from the comfort of their office chair, or couch at home.