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WHAT IS IT? is a freelancing website aimed at both freelance workers, and clients with freelance work needed. A client posts a job for freelancers to view, they do, and place bids on the job. The client can then choose which freelancer he/she wants to hire for the job.



Clients:The client posts the job on the marketplace after registering (which is free). Once posted, prospective freelancers can view the job, and place bids on it, offering individual prices for the client to choose from. These prices can either be hourly rates, or once-off fees, depending on what the client is looking for. After the client has enough bids, he/she reviews them, and chooses the one that suits their job. The client is protected from being cheated by Guru’s role as an escrow in all of this, holding the money for safekeeping until the job is completed. There is no cost to register on, or post jobs. The only fee is a 2.5% handling fee once an invoice is paid to a freelancer. Freelancers can also take tests, to further buff their profiles, at $4.95 per test (for free members). The price to take tests goes down if the freelancer pays for membership however, becoming free at the higher levels.

Freelancers: It’s free for freelancers to register, and the initial profile is free. It can be upgraded (for a monthly fee) to include more bids/month, higher standings in bidding, and preferential listing when it comes to jobs however. Once the freelancer has found that they feel they can do, they post a bid on it, estimating the costs and duration of the job posted. If the client likes the expertise, price range, and work ethic of the freelancer, then the job is theirs! The freelancer is protected from theft by, acting as a monetary safeguard, holding the funds in escrow until the job has been completed. The fees for freelancers range from 8.95% to 4.95%, depending on which membership plan the freelancer has chosen.

WHO IS IT FOR? is a website aimed at connecting freelancers with clients. It’s for anyone who has a digital job they need completed, and don’t have the time to do it themselves. It’s also for freelancers who are looking for work, but can’t find any in the modern world due to cutbacks, retrenchments, and inflation.