Hatchwise Review


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Hatchwise.com is a freelance designer marketplace, specializing in competitions for clients to post, and designers to enter.



Clients: It’s free to join for clients, and they can start posting jobs immediately. There are fees for each job, and the amount depends on the genre of the job. Some jobs (such as logo design) start at $150 (with a $39 listing fee), whereas naming jobs start at $99 (all inclusive). The client can pay extra to have the contest featured, promoted, private, or rushed. Once the client has posted their job, the designers can begin submitting their designs, and the client chooses the best ones, and refines the choices and designs until they have the perfect product. Once that happens, the designer is awarded the prize, and the client receives all the rights to their new design.

Designers: To join as a designer, one needs to register for free. Once registered, the designer can start looking for competitions to enter. There’s no fee to enter competitions, as long as a submission is made, that’s entry fee enough. Once the client has chosen a few designs, they will contact the relevant designers with adjustment requests, and if the product is suitable/perfect, then the client awards the prize to the designer. Hatchwise charges a 20% service fee on all prize winnings, and the remainder gets paid to designers twice a month (on the 1st, and 14th). After a contest is over, the designer receives the client’s contact info, which they can use to continue business with them, if they so desire.


Hatchwise is a website that connects clients with designers, and is best suited for designers looking for permanent employment after the job, and for clients that want long term designers, and don’t mind paying that little bit extra to get them.