iWriter Review


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iWriter.com is an online freelance writing database, where clients can order/request anything from articles, to ebooks.



Clients: Registration is free, and once that’s completed, the client can request the type of content they’re requiring, specifying word count, price per article, keywords and more. The higher the quality of article requested, the more it will cost per word. Once posted, freelance writers send through requests to the client, including their past experience and qualifications. The client can then accept the writer that they feel will best do the job. iWriter.com has a 3-day approval clause, where the client has 3 days to approve a submitted article, after which payment will be released to the writer. The client needs to have the funds in their account before they can pay the writer however.

Writers: It’s free for writers to join, and once registered they can start writing articles straight away. The more jobs the freelancer bids on, the better the odds of getting jobs. iWriter.com pays freelancer 81% of the proposed earnings from the client, so the higher paying the job, the more they’ll earn. The better a writer does, the higher the ratings they receive will be. Higher-rated writers get put in better earning brackets, so a good job will be rewarded.


iWriters.com is for clients that have a budget for the writing they need done, and know what level of quality they’re looking for. It’s for new writers that want to make a name for them, and will work up through the levels until they reach the place where they’ve earned a reputation.