Scripted Review


Blog Posts. Email Newsletters. Social Media. Website Copy. White Papers.

WHAT IS IT? is a writing content platform, where clients can buy blog posts, newsletters, and other written content.



Clients: To place orders on scripted, the client needs to have a membership. There are three to choose from; Dickinson ($79/month), Hemingway ($149/month), or Austen ($299/month). Each package provides the client with different levels of features, and writer quality. Once the client has acquired a membership, they can place orders on various written products, each differing in price, from $39 to $85. If the client isn’t happy with their product however, they don’t pay for it. Payment is only due once the client is happy with their product. Clients order a product by submitting to Scripted what they’re wanting, and the Scripted chooses the perfect freelancer that matches their needs.

Freelancers: For a freelance writer to join they need to apply to Scripted to register, and once registered, they will be allotted jobs, and will be paid accordingly upon completion.

WHO IS IT FOR? is for clients that require a certain level of guaranteed quality, and are willing to pay a monthly retainer to make sure they do.