Sevendays Review


Web Development. Mobile App Development. Graphic Design. Copywriting. Digital Marketing. DevOps.

WHAT IS IT? is a freelancing site that specializes in connecting freelancers with clients, rather than getting the freelancers to find the work, Sevendays brings the clients to them. Sevendays makes use of “Stripe” as a safe and secure payment system between clients and freelancers, but it’s optional. It’s up to the client and freelancer to decide on payment method.



Clients: For a client to use Sevendays, it’s free. There are no fees, either for signup, or hiring. How the process works, is the client input in the search criteria which skills they’re wanting in the freelancer, and then Sevendays generates a list of 10 potential freelancers for the client to contact. The client can then discuss with the freelancers what the job required is, and negotiate fees. Once the job is completed, the freelancer is paid, and the client is free to write a review on the services received.

Freelancers: Freelancer has two options in Sevendays; the free option, and the “Fastlane” package for $9.99/month. Registering for a free profile gives the freelancer the ability to create a profile on the site, with all their relevant skills and expertise added. The more information added, the better the chances of being discovered by a client. When a client searches for a job in a particular field, there’s a chance that the freelancer’s profile will be a match, and they will be added to the client’s shortlist. Once the client has contacted the freelancer, then the job begins. At completion, the freelancer will either be payed via the “” online payment system, or by the method agreed upon between them and the client. The differences between the free and “Fastlane” memberships is a simple one; namely the Fastlane guarantees 10 job requests per month (or else it’s free).


This website is for freelancers looking for reliable, constant, (cost-free) work. It’s equally for clients who are looking for freelancers in a particular job market, rather than having a specific job in mind.