Toptal Review


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WHAT IS IT? is a freelance website, specializing in IT-based work, and focused on giving top quality freelancers to clients.



Clients: This website is focused on clients. The first thing the client does after registering is tell Toptal what they need. Once they’ve done that, Toptal will search for the perfect match, and will notify the client if they have a freelancer, or if they have a potential one, or if they’re still looking for one. If the client isn’t satisfied with the freelancer during what’s called the “risk-free” period, then they’re not liable to pay for any services rendered. Once the client has hired a freelancer, there is a $500 deposit, which will be deducted from the first invoice. The average fees for hiring are $60-$95+/hour, Part-time: $1000-$1600+/week, and Full-time: $2000-$3200+/week.

Freelancers: To join as a freelancer, one has to go through rigorous testing to make sure that they are good enough to be in the top 3% of freelancers out there. The order of testing is as follows:

  • 1. Language & Personality (26.4% of applicants pass)
  • 2. In-Depth Skill Review (7.4% of applicants pass)
  • 3. Live Screening (3.6% of applicants pass)
  • 4. Test Projects (3.2% of applicants pass)
  • 5. Continued Excellence (3.0% of applicants pass)

Once the freelancer has passed these five levels, they can be hired by Toptal.


This website is for freelancer looking to enter a professional, high-end job market, where work is almost guaranteed. It’s also for clients who require the top freelancers, and don’t mind paying a little bit extra to get them.