twago Review


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WHAT IS IT? is a freelancing platform for both clients, and freelance workers. Clients post jobs on, and freelancers are welcome to bid on them. works as an escrow, to protect freelancers and clients. Once the job is accepted and completed, the client releases the funds.



For Clients: Using is free for clients, with no hidden fees, or surprise surcharges. All that’s needed is to create a profile, and start posting jobs. Once the freelancers have placed enough bids, the client is free to choose the one that they believe will do the job best, or is the most affordable. The client then funds the escrow, and the job starts. At completion, the client reviews the work, and if happy with it, releases the funds.

For Freelancers: Twago is free to join. The freelancer is encouraged to create and complete their profile, and if they do they receive extra credits that they can use to bid on potential jobs. It costs 4 credits to bid on a project, and if you win the project, you get the credits back. There are three packages to choose from however. The free one gives you up to 50 credits to start, but you have to buy more once they run out. The 29€/month gives you 50 credits every month, and no ads on your profile. As a package of 50 credits is 39.90€, if you’re intending to do a lot of bids monthly, then the 29€/month package is the one to go for. The fee for payments is 10% of the job. However, if you go for the “gold” package, you’re given unlimited credits, a 7% service fee instead, and choice placement when bidding on jobs. This package is 99€/month. The freelancer finds jobs, and bids on them, stating their prices, and estimated durations. Once the client accepts their bids, the escrow is funded and work can begin. Once the job is completed, the client releases the funds and the freelancer gets paid.


Twago is for clients that have freelance work they need done, and don’t want any additional charges on them. It’s for high-end freelancers that don’t mind spending a little extra to get higher-paying jobs.