Virtual Staff Finder Review


Filipino-Based. General Virtual Assistants. SEO Specialists. Wordpress Developers. Graphic Designers.

WHAT IS IT? is an online database of Filipino-based virtual assistants, rather than a virtual assistance provider. It connects clients with their choice of virtual assistants.

Virtual Staff Finder


Clients: The client is charged a once-off fee of $495 to sign up, and once the payment goes through, the client sends VirtualStaffFinder a list of their virtual assistant requirements. Once the experience sourcing team has the list, they get to work searching for the right potential candidates for the job. After they have shortlisted the candidates, they conduct phone and face-to-face interviews to test each potential candidate, complete with background checks, till they have 3 possible virtual assistants for the client to choose from. After that, the client spends some time questioning and talking to the candidates until they find the one that they want to hire. After that, they negotiate fees directly with the client, with no more contact from VirtualStaffFinder.

Freelancers: If a freelancer wants to sign up as a virtual assistant, they are required to send an email to VirtualStaffFinder, complete with a CV filled with qualifications, past experiences, and references. will review it, and conduct a few tests before accepting or denying the virtual assistant.


Virtualstafffinder is for companies that are willing to pay to have a qualified and certified virtual assistant, who they can hire afterwards, without having to contact the company.