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Writology.com serves as an online database of freelancers, as well as a company that offers content writing and editing services.



Clients: It’s free for a client to register. Once registered, the client can start requesting content. When requesting content however, the client has two choices. They can choose to hire a freelancer, or a Writology.com professional. Using a freelancer is cheaper, but using a professional provides better quality texts for the client. The process for both writers however, goes as follows. The client posts the project, then the client chooses the freelancer (if applicable), a payment is submitted, and the work starts. Then the client approves the submitted text, and the job is done.

Freelancers: This website is ideal for freelancers who are looking for full-time work, and registering is free. The freelancer simply creates a profile, add as much information (more information is recommended), past work experience, and skills to it, and the freelancer is ready to go. Then the freelancer can browse the list of jobs posted online, and start bidding on them. Once a client approves the job, and makes the payment, the freelancer starts the job. Once the job is completed, the next one can begin. To join the team of certified professionals, the freelancer applies to become one, and if accepted, Writology.com will contact them.


This website is for clients that like to choose. Some clients don’t mind using a freelancer, whereas other clients prefer certified professionals. For freelancers, it’s a way to get extra work, or become a certified professional writer.