Recap: #18 - Mark Jamieson: A/B Test Outsourcing Companies
#18 - Mark Jamieson: A/B Test Outsourcing Companies

Ahead of an Ottawa-based Internet Marketing Company, Mark considers the option for going Outsourcing to have been a natural one that derived from the need of maintaining low operational costs while growing, therefore becoming competitive and gaining market share.

Outsourcing means getting things done in a cost-effective way

What if there was “no Outsourcing”?

Although there are some activities that Mark does not Outsource, a world without Outsourcing would mean a much different WSI Strategies company, probably with lesser client portfolio and market share.

Mark states that some service components that demand closer interaction with the client along with “getting beneath the client’s skin”, such a Creative Work cannot be subject to Outsourcing.

The process of selecting an Outsourcing partner requires care and attention via proper due diligence and checking/ cross-checking references since at the end of the day WSI will brand the solution and it must be flawless.

The annoying thing about Outsourcing used to be some degree of inability to control the workflow, nevertheless Mark points out that over the years a vast offering of support collaborative free online tools has flourished and that alone has made such powerless feeling redundant.

On a clear example of how time proves to be the best adviser, WSI has realized that Content Writing due to its persistent market demand characteristic if done in-house would mean a colossal team. Nevertheless, it is geography sensitive, meaning it highly depends on cultural and social context, therefore it must be considered under an Onshore or Nearshore Outsourcing context.

Yet another strategic role pointed out as not subject to Outsourcing is Project Management since they are the ones assuring tracking and that everything comes together as required.

Outsourcing still means that commitments need to be met

Mistakes will happen and require partners to be transparent about them as well as to assume them, and then business goes on.

Communication and having adequate information available for freelancers to do their job is however pointed out as a major enabler factor towards having a timely delivered high quality assertive product.

How to mitigate problems?

Mark gives the classic example: “Never launch a website on a Friday”. Although it should be rule nr 1, when starting up it is an “unknown best practice” to ave a role back or bug fix time window upon launching a new software.

Outsourcing means to find partners that add value to your business in a cost-effective manner

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