#18 - Mark Jamieson: A/B Test Outsourcing Companies
#18 - Mark Jamieson: A/B Test Outsourcing Companies

I have spoken with Mark Jamieson about his experience with outsourcing. Mark is from the opinion that outsourcing is about finding partners that can bring value to your business in a cost effective way, and not necessarily just taking your business overseas.


Audio Only

Short Recap

Karl Jamieson runs an Internet Marketing Agency and clearly pointed out the DOs and DON’Ts that one needs to know when starting to Outsource a part of one’s portfolio.


  • 01:17 Introduction
  • 02:08 How does Outsourcing fit the business
  • 04:00 How would business be like without Outsourcing
  • 04:57 What is Core and therefore non-Subject of Outsourcing
  • 07:16 On selecting an Outsourcing partner
  • 08:55 The annoying thing
  • 11:00 Business evolution trend
  • 15:21 What is non-excusable
  • 12:55 On addressing a potential delay
  • 20:13 On the relevancy of communication
  • 22:11 The tool belt.
  • 16:28 On dealing and overcoming errors
  • 23:47 On what needs to move to the outsourcing sphere
  • 25:50 The Horror Story
  • 28:54 On mitigating potential problems
  • 30:37 Core message

Key Points

"Outsourcing allows us to make some money while the client saves some money with no negative Quality impact. "

"The only sure thing is that delays will happen"

"Learn from mistakes and become better"

"Never launch a website on a Friday"

"Not having overhead means that when you don’t need the service you are not paying for it"

"Do not fear outsourcing but make sure to do proper due diligence"

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