Recap: #36 - Jen Shea / Outsourcing Branding
#36 - Jen Shea / Outsourcing Branding

A Brand is the Business “Stamp” which must reflect the business goals and target market

The Logo is a corporate Branding visual depiction, yet getting to the Logo it is relevant to assess precisely what is the company value proposition.

Assessing the value proposition implies defining your client AVATAR, meaning demographics and cyclographic about potential clients which address in detail their specific need and pain points.

About generalists

The definition of the USP (if any) or the real effective Value Proposition highly depends on providing a specific answer towards a niche of clients that share common pains, and this is not possible (with very few exceptions) towards large sections of the market.

In order to capture prospects attention you must address the individual and not a large cluster of people.

Focus on the message is also vital towards reaching out in an effective way towards prospects that will likely identify themselves with the value proposition and effectively act towards establishing contact with you and/ or buy your product.

To find your client’s AVATARs it is most relevant in the first place to interact and communicate in order to be able to assess profiles and pain points, and Social Media is a very effective way to achieve that. Then testimonials and referrals will create the snowball effect while having other people both conveying their gains while working with you as well as having them profiling new potential clients for you.

One important aspect about accurately profiling your prospect’s AVATAR pertains focusing and reducing the number of people and companies towards who you dedicate your prospecting time since time doesn’t stretch.

Sometimes success lays on details, Jen refers to a specific case of a client who wanted to have a given domain extension and with Jen’s advice, the client finally understood that with regards to the portfolio offering at hand a “.com” domain would make much easier prospects to find the company.

As Jen mentioned even the color code of your logo or website needs to be aligned with your portfolio and value proposition, as an example if you are launching a line of products for babies, maybe it is not a good idea to focus on Blacks or Reds.

Design-wise, less means more. Elaborated logos and background designs may only contribute to getting the client lost.

Communication is vital in any endeavor towards other parties and upon assessing the best branding experience for a client is it vital that a detail continuous brainstorming takes place.

Connect and invest in prospects with who you are able to clearly and assertively communicate.

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