#36 - Jen Shea / Outsourcing Branding
#36 - Jen Shea / Outsourcing Branding

I have spoken with Jen Shea. She's the Owner of Bohemian Branding where she works with clients to create their Brand and Online presence. We have discussed about what branding is and what process she uses to help her clients define the identity of their businesses. Branding goes way beyond and above logos and colors. That is part but not the only one. Defining a niche and customer avatar is also an integral part. She was also very open by sharing a client horror story with me. Have a listen to learn the nuances of branding!


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Short Recap

Branding does not only address the imagery component like Logos but also focusing on potential target clients. Bohemian Branding focuses on understanding the client’s portfolio and inherent value proposition and based on that supporting the client in both developing and/ or fine-tuning it's Branding as well as finding best-fit prospects towards who the client offering may prove most beneficial.


  • 01:43 Introduction to Bohemian Branding
  • 03:10 What is Branding all about
  • 05:49 Profiling the AVATAR
  • 07:28 On generic approaches
  • 10:24 Branding common mistakes
  • 12:10 Bohemian Branding ideal client
  • 10:46 Finding out the AVATAR
  • 17:08 On specific provided added value
  • 22:27 On helping to establish the Brand
  • 26:19 On client profiles
  • 26:13 The Horror Story
  • 29:26 Lessons learned
  • 37:10 Adding value to clients
  • 31:20 The Toolkit
  • 33:16 Final message

Key Points

"Communication is vital for establishing mutually profitable interactions. "

"Connect and invest in prospects with who you are able to clearly and assertively communicate. "

Links Mentioned

  • Asana - online teamwork tracking tool.
  • Skype - online audio and video communication tool.
  • Adobe Illustrator - vectoring web design software.
  • WordPress - user friendly intuitive website and blog building tool.


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Aderson Oliveira
Aderson Oliveira