#1 - Interview with Harry Duran on Outsourcing Podcast Production
#1 - Interview with Harry Duran on Outsourcing Podcast Production

I have spoken with Harry Duran from FullCast.co about his company providing outsourcing production services as well as utilizing outsourcing as a way to grow and scale their processes. He talked about his approach to outsourcing and some of the mistakes companies do when trying to use external providers to help the


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Short Recap

Harry Duran from Fullcast.co on Outsourcing towards successful podcasting. Great talk touching topics like industries’ tips and tricks, tools, and strategies in approaching clients through outsourcing. Stay tuned.


  • 01:30 Fullcast.co
  • 02:25 On Podcast Outsourcing
  • 05:16 Defining boundaries
  • 07:22 What one saves by Outsourcing
  • 11:12 Taking the leap of faith and going for it
  • 12:54 Real added value benefits
  • 14:51 The Challenges
  • 18:32 Main recommendations
  • 22:34 As an Outsourcing client
  • 26:50 Bootstraps need being avoid
  • 32:10 Ongoing struggles
  • 38:04 Current work being Outsourced
  • 42:57 Outsourcing Automation
  • 43:48 What is core and therefore, not subject to Outsourcing
  • 47:53 Bottom line message

Key Points

"Focus on a specific niche and delighting a target client segment. "

"When the fight is for the lowest price, it’s a race to the bottom and nobody wins. "

"You define how much does an hour of your time cost and then if you can Outsource a given activity for less money, you go for it."

"Finding the right partner that is able to do some tasks better and faster than you, will enable you to focus on growing your business. "

"Become known as the one guy who does this specific thing amazingly well. "

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