#10 - Nick Kaeshko: Outsourcing to Belarus
#10 - Nick Kaeshko: Outsourcing to Belarus

I have spoken with Nick Kaeshko about why businesses should consider Belarus when thinking about outsourcing and technology. The country has amazing talented technical professionals and the government has been encouraging the development modern technologies with initiatives like the High Tech Park. We also had some fun with "A Tough Call"


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Short Recap

Great chat with Nick Laeshko the co-founder of GrinTeq on why to consider Belarus for Tech Outsourcing, local government support to the development of knowledge within High-tech and a really tough call.


  • 01:15 About GrinTeq
  • 02:32 On Belarus and Tech Outsourcing
  • 06:20 Why such a pool of talent?
  • 09:08 On the Hi-Tech Park initiative
  • 11:58 The cost factor
  • 15:04 The cultural factor
  • 17:09 English based Communication
  • 19:13 Outsourcing initial challenges and pain points
  • 25:41 The toolkit
  • 27:30 The Horror Story
  • 30:50 The Tough Call
  • 37:28 Key message

Key Points

"Some Belarus-based companies work exclusively for the US market. "

"Hi-Tech Park was the birthplace of Viber. "

"Concerning software development, while implying a slightly higher price tag than hiring from India, choosing Belarus experts also means higher quality. "

"Having Belarus companies work culture based in the US and Europe and recently graduated professionals starting their work life ion those companies make them compliant the western marketplace profile. "

"Currently, Belarus children become acquainted with English from the 1st grade onwards. "

"One of the pillars of Outsourcing success is communication. "

"While having a skill set is somehow a common asset, being able to properly communicate is not. "

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