#11 - Justin Jones: Documentation, Relationships and Communication
#11 - Justin Jones: Documentation, Relationships and Communication

I have spoken with my longtime friend Justin Jones about his experience with outsourcing by working with a network of hundreds of consultants and suppliers all over the globe. We went deep about the 3 aspects he finds key to being successful on outsourcing: Documentation, Relationships and Communication. We also had some fun with "A Tough Call"


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Short Recap

Very interesting chat with WSIWorld VP of Professional Services - Justin Jones about 3 Outsourcing pillars (Documentation, Communication and Establishing Relationships), experienced over several years working with literally hundreds of consultants. A detail description of a useful support “toolkit” and, still yet, the “traditional” tough call.


  • 01:32 About WSIWorld
  • 03:51 Defining Outsourcing
  • 05:52 On WSI’s Outsourcing geographies
  • 09:16 On WSI’s internal training and coaching towards meeting client’s expectations
  • 11:37 About building relationships
  • 16:35 The key to effective communication
  • 23:11 Horror Stories
  • 32:06 What does it take to make a great consultant
  • 34:54 Being Mr.” fix it”
  • 41:05 The tough call
  • 48:02 Final message

Key Points

"Outsourcing is about buying something for a lower price than if we were to do it while assuring improved quality. "

"Once you find a good expert freelancer who best fits your need, you don’t want to lose that person. "

"Gathering the right people around you is the key to success. "

"Better to employ an army of micro-experts that team towards the solution than a “one does all” freelancer. "

"Project Management is a gateway to growth. "

"You build in the cost of mistakes. "

Links Mentioned

  • Trello - This project management tool is like a magical customizable to­ do list on a single interface, which you can share with others in real-­time.
  • Mura.ly - Mural.ly is a creative tool for you to drag & ­drop rich media files, links, and documents onto a big HTML5 drawing board, which is a great way to collect inspiration and gather thoughts. It also supports collaboration that allows designers to brainstorm cool ideas remotely.
  • Go Visually - Free tool GoVisually allows you to mark annotations and place comments on any part of your project ­ so designers and clients can collaborate to revise projects online without sending painful emails.
  • Mind Meister - Mindmeister is a powerful mind­mapping tool, but also has the functionality of many collaboration tools. Designers can use this to craft ideas and concepts.
  • Concept Board - ConceptBoard is an instant whiteboard tool for teams and projects.

Project Collaboration Tools:


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