#12 - Rob Thomas: Outsourcing Marketing Automation
#12 - Rob Thomas: Outsourcing Marketing Automation

I have spoken with Rob Thomas about Outsourcing Marketing Automation and the fact that businesses spend a lot of time choosing "the right software" for Marketing Automation and not enough time planning, developing content and creating campaigns.


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Short Recap

Great conversation with WSI-eMarketing CEO Rob Thomas about Outsourcing Marketing Automation; the time companies usually spend on the selection of software tools versus dedicated timeframe to internally align the Sales and Marketing message while creating campaigns, developing content and planning. Plus, how to select the best fit Marketing Outsourcing partner and the relevancy of involving all stakeholders in the process (Sales; Marketing and Customer Service) having them on the same page.


  • 01:46 Marketing Automation, what is it?
  • 07:56 On assertive communication
  • 11:48 Available Market Automation Toolset
  • 16:43 The learning curve
  • 20:42 The leverage that an Outsourcing partner represents.
  • 25:22 The challenges of dealing with a new client
  • 30:38 The Horror Story
  • 35:50 On ROI
  • 39:56 Selecting the right Marketing Automation partner
  • 42:58 How much is the right amount to pay
  • 46:04 Selecting the right partner while an Outsourcing client
  • 42:58 What else comes to mind?

Key Points

"Not an expert, I just probably know a little more about Marketing Automation than the person standing next to me "

"Marketing Automation enables not yet prospects (“suspects”) to evolve from get acquainted with the brand to considering it "

"Market Automation can keep the CEO happy as well as Sales, because a 2 or 3-person Marketing Department is able to generate Hot Leads "

"When choosing a platform one key thing to evaluate is the contract model (monthly fee; annual; other) "

"Sometimes success gives you problems "

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