#13 - Carlos Guzman: Planning, Teamwork and Emailing the Wrong People
#13 - Carlos Guzman: Planning, Teamwork and Emailing the Wrong People

I have spoken with Carlos Guzman about the importance of planning and team work for any outsourcing initiative to be successful. He also provided insights into how you can go about deciding what you should outsource and what you should keep inside the company. Hint: It’s all about your core.


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Short Recap

Great chat with Carlos Guzman on the need for planning and establishing teamwork in order to achieve successful outsourcing, plus what to and not to outsource and some nice horror stories, stay tuned.


  • 03:22 Outsourcing, what is it after all?
  • 04:46 As a client of Outsourcing
  • 08:41 What to and not to Outsource.
  • 11:57 On the process of choosing and Outsourcing provider
  • 18:52 The Outsourcing provider – final client bridge issue
  • 24:40 About client’s potential reservations on sharing information with 3rd parties
  • 30:21 The Horror Story
  • 41:34 Now in the role of an Outsourcing provider
  • 47:29 On Social Listening
  • 51:33 Key message?

Key Points

"Whatever is part of your Core Business and USP must not be subject to outsourcing. "

"An older outsourcing partner bares the edge of have done all the mistakes in the book. "

"The difference between accurately defining the scope and planning the activities and not doing it before starting to develop, reflects profits or losses. "

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