#15 - Amethyst Storey: Virtual Assistants & Don't Work For Free
#15 - Amethyst Storey: Virtual Assistants & Don't Work For Free

I have spoken with colorful Amethyst Storey about a very popular specialty of outsourcing called Virtual Assistants. How she became a VA, what does it take to be a VA and the different types of VAs.


Audio Only

Short Recap

A very enlightening conversation about being, becoming or hiring a VA, what to absolutely have in place and how to set things in motion in a collaborative mutually profitable way.


  • 01:34 The definition of Virtual Assistant
  • 03:36 On becoming a VA
  • 04:05 Different types of VAs
  • 05:39 Client’s profiles
  • 08:48 What not to hire a VA for
  • 09:42 Can any recurrent task that may be documented, be handed over to a VA?
  • 10:39 On working with Outsourcing Marketplaces
  • 12:35 How to succeed in such a competitive market?
  • 13:37 On professionally marketing one’s offering
  • 14:44 Can you leverage personality?
  • 15:32 On finding clients
  • 17:35 Coordinating family and business
  • 20:13 On growing the clients base
  • 21:24 Election toolkit
  • 23:05 How to evaluate a VA for hiring?
  • 30:00 Want to become a VA, here to start?
  • 32:25 Additional topics
  • 33:04 The Horror Story
  • 35:07 How to get in touch with The Infinite VA
  • 36:21 Final message

Key Points

" Never give away your work for free. "

" You can offer value and training but never work for free. "

" Honesty goes both ways, and mutual constructive criticism is capital for a successful relationship "

" Competing takes ambition and copycatting the best of the best. "

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