#16 - Kevin Dean: Outsourcing is NOT a Bad Thing
#16 - Kevin Dean: Outsourcing is NOT a Bad Thing

I have spoken with Kevin Dean about why Outsourcing is not a bad thing and you have to do outsourcing at a level that is comfortable to you. If you are not sleeping well and not sure whether or not you will get the project delivered, maybe you pushed too far. He also shared a horror story about a project lost in translation.


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Short Recap

WSI Net Advantage CEO, Kevin Dean speaks about this Silicon Valey company’s role in supporting SMEs clients with Web Consulting, Web Marketing, Web Site Development and SEO as well as how Outsourcing has proven to be vital for the company Core Business.


  • 01:14 About WSI
  • 02:00 On the relevancy of Outsourcing to WSI
  • 03:20 What has changed over the last decade and a half
  • 05:00 The role of communication
  • 07:51 On-Sore/ Nearshore/ Offshore choice criteria
  • 09:50 On WSI being a Lean Organisation
  • 11:18 On the need to make the org chart transparent for the client
  • 12:34 What is not subject to Outsourcing in WSI
  • 16:20 On delegating
  • 18:12 The need of having a Single Point of Contact (SPoC)
  • 19:37 On growing and the need of delegating the SPoC
  • 22:22 Advise to Outsourcing newcomers
  • 27:43 How to “welcome home” and “on-board” Outsourcing resources
  • 30:14 The Horror Story
  • 35:42 Lessons Learned
  • 39:28 Singled out message
  • 41:10 Why isn’t Outsourcing a Bad Thing
  • 42:54 WSI specs and contacts

Key Points

"Clients don’t care about how it’s done, they care about having it done"

"CEOs tend to have very short attention spans, so communication needs to be focused"

"Low price means just, low price, no leverage there. "

"Outsourcing is not a Bad Thing"

"Go in with your eyes open, don’t fall for the lowest price or the latest offer"

"If you want to be successful follow the steps of successful people that preceded you"

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