#17 - Karl Diffenderfer: VA Business & Social Mission
#17 - Karl Diffenderfer: VA Business & Social Mission

I have spoken with Karl Diffenderfer about how business leaders have a hard time delegating and how he coaches his clients to let go of tasks they don't like doing.


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Short Recap

Karl Diffenderfer is a serial entrepreneur who has launched several successful companies over the last 15 years and now Business and Life Coach at High Impact and the Founder of Virtual Assistants Co. A nice conversation on the motives to move ahead with such initiative and the inherent challenges.


  • 01:38 Introduction
  • 02:59 The market need leading to VirtualAssistant.com
  • 04:20 Focus on supporting others
  • 05:44 On offshoring misconceptions
  • 07:10 On sourcing
  • 08:42 On VA portfolio boundaries
  • 09:54 Why the Philippines stand for VAs when speaking of Offshoring
  • 11:51 On Offshoring cultural challenges
  • 12:55 On what should be delegated
  • 13:58 Why is it so hard to delegate?
  • 15:11 How to promote delegation.
  • 16:28 On dealing and overcoming errors
  • 17:20 Training, what to focus on
  • 19:10 The importance of “connecting”
  • 20:32 Onboarding VAs
  • 21:54 The Toolkit
  • 23:14 How to assess a client need
  • 24:50 The Horror Story
  • 29:18 Perspective on on-line freelancing platforms
  • 30:36 The difference of a Matching Service
  • 33:05 The edge of enabling “hand-holding”
  • 34:00 Virtual Assistants Co. goal
  • 36:59 Core message

Key Points

" Offshoring allows reducing costs while maintaining quality"

" Reducing operational costs while providing higher revenue to families in other geographies is a win-win situation"

" A VA needs to share client’s expectations (goals, quality, other) or it won’t be a good fit"

" Delegation implies overcoming the fear of potentially having a 3rd party messing up what is working"

" Delegation implies training and coaching"

" It’s important to treat other people the way we would like to be treated"

" Resorting to freelancing platforms implies a trial and error process that is skipped when getting a service"

Links Mentioned

  • Trello - Project Management
  • Wunderlist - Planning collaborative tool
  • Google Drive - On-line shareable storage space from Google
  • DropBox - On-line shareable storage space
  • Evernote - On-line cross platforms sharing space
  • Slack - Real-time messaging


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Aderson Oliveira
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