#19 - Kristjan Raude: Outsourcing Content Creation
#19 - Kristjan Raude: Outsourcing Content Creation

I have spoken with Kristjan Raude about outsourcing content creation like articles, blog posts, video and what you should do to select the right partners to help you on that. He also spoke about the fact that content marketing is about talking to your audience and clients, not necessarily talking to your peers. Such an important lesson! In the end he shared a horror story about choosing the wrong marketing automation tool and I went on a rant!


Audio Only

Short Recap

Kristjan Raude runs a Digital Marketing Agency in Estonia (Eastern Europe).


  • 01:27 On the relevancy of Outsourcing
  • 02:30 What is Outsourced
  • 03:29 The client base
  • 04:14 The Outsourcing sources
  • 07:04 On finding local Outsourcing offering
  • 08:21 How to evaluate a good copy writer
  • 10:10 On evaluating writing quality
  • 10:53 When the content is in another foreign language
  • 15:14 On breaking client’s misconceptions
  • 16:40 Outsourcing - the common problems
  • 20:43 Content scheduling
  • 22:06 About Video content
  • 26:44 The Horror Story
  • 33:36 Core message

Key Points

"Choosing the right Technology Partner is also a sort of Outsourcing. "

"To produce content about a client you need to get to know the Business. "

"Carefully choose your Marketing Automation and CRM platform for it requires a huge investment effort"

"Try to outsource what is likely to become a commodity"

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