#2 - Interview with Alan Earl on Outsourcing Facebook Advertising
#2 - Interview with Alan Earl on Outsourcing Facebook Advertising

I have spoken with Alan Earl from Local-One.com about his company providing Facebook Advertising Outsourcing services. He went through suggestions on how to best evaluate someone you are thinking of hiring for Facebook Ads and what strategies to use to find the right marketing professional. We also spoke about his vast experience as an outsourcer himself and how he goes about hiring freelancers to work on various types of projects and tasks.


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Short Recap

Alan Earl from Local-One.com a Facebook Advertising Services provider, speaks about both Facebook as a marketing space as well as how to evaluate ads services offering towards it. Additionally, how does he hire freelancers from on-line platforms such as Upwork. Loads of really interesting “Golden Nuggets” here.


  • 02:47 Local-One.com
  • 06:21 Hunting or fishing – searching for clients or waiting for them to knock on your door
  • 08:44 Demonstrating the ROI
  • 11:23 On choosing the right platform
  • 13:47 Social Media Marketing Costs
  • 16:07 Selecting an Outsourcing provider
  • 20:37 How long does it take to assess if the choice was right?
  • 24:52 Setting expectations
  • 27:11 Horror stories - dealing with
  • 29:03 A bit of advice when hiring
  • 30:54 Firing a client
  • 33:20 Being an Outsourcing client
  • 38:15 Fixed price or hour rate based?
  • 40:52 The horror story – as a client
  • 43:04 Still a struggle towards Outsourcing
  • 46:32 Advice to freelancers or companies seeking to provide Outsourcing

Key Points

"Social Media is a powerful Business Tool"

"Social Media Marketing ROI depends on the objective, if sales it can be immediate whereas if brand awareness it can take its time"

"Have you failed enough to know what not to do or where not to go? "

"A Digital Marketing Agency needs to walk the talk, supporting early stages goals and KPIs definition, track and tracing them and proposing strategic improvement actions. "

"It’s scary when the client says, I want to sell on social media so you come up with the right strategy for me. "

"If you want to become an Outsourcing provider be very specific about what you do. "

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