#20 - LaTonja King: Online Business Management
#20 - LaTonja King: Online Business Management

I have spoken with LaTonja King about how an Online Business Manager (OBM) can help you to grow your business. She mentioned that she has decided to focus on having woman as clients and why she decided that. She talked about a strategy to hire people via Facebook Groups. She has also shared a horror story about communication with a client going bad and the lessons she learned from that.


Audio Only

Short Recap

Based in Atlanta - Georgia, LaTonja King heads an Online Business Managers Agency (OBM) which supports companies in fine tuning their business towards growth and profitability addressing topics like Market Strategy, Operational Processes and other, by resorting to a pool of several skill as needed in each case, from Finance expertise to Marketing, Social Media and many other.


  • 02:37 OBM
  • 03:26 The tasks performed by an OBM
  • 04:32 On HOW TO
  • 08:18 A strategic approach
  • 09:04 A concrete example
  • 11:23 The Team
  • 12:20 Geography
  • 13:03 The process of testing potential team members
  • 14:19 Red Flags when choosing an Outsourcer
  • 15:15 On assuring everyone is “on the same page”
  • 17:54 The hiring process
  • 19:48 Why so many women as clients?
  • 21:02 Good client/ bad client
  • 21:47 Trial period for clients
  • 22:27 Client Red Flags
  • 25:07 The Horror Story
  • 32:06 On lessons learned
  • 34:14 Where to find info on OBMs
  • 35:40 Core message

Key Points

"Communication is Key for Team awareness and motivation"

"Always make sure to identify and have involved all decision makers"

"Only take a client who’s “non-negotiables” are aligned with yours"

"You only do business with who you like"

Links Mentioned

  • Trello - Project Management
  • Asana - Work Registry and tracking
  • Slack - Real-time messaging


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Aderson Oliveira
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