#21 - Dean Soto: Outsource What's Recurring and Profitable
#21 - Dean Soto: Outsource What's Recurring and Profitable

I have spoken with Dean Soto who has a course called Outsourcing Pros and Cons on Udemy. He talked about how important outsourcing is to his many businesses and revenue streams. He was very open and candid about which countries he thinks it's best to outsource to and which are not that great and why. He also went in details about a great technique he uses to document processes to outsource that doesn’t take a lot of his time. As one of his key messages he said to Outsource what is Recurring & Profitable.


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Short Recap

Dean Soto is the “lecturer of a course titled ”Outsourcing PROs and CONs” (therefore someone who trains people on Outsourcing) and this was a great chat about the relevancy of it towards his business revenue streams, plus which geographies deliver best quality Outsourcing services as well as the ones that do not. Last but not least, the explanation about a documenting technique that allows him to effectively document processes and Outsources the inherent tasks.


  • 01:45 Portfolio and location
  • 04:22 On the relevancy of Outsourcing for the business
  • 06:57 Overcoming the fear of relying on a 3rd party
  • 08:18 A strategic approach
  • 09:10 On lessons learn from near meltdown
  • 11:23 The Team
  • 12:25 Why India is a “No Go”
  • 15:54 On the Philippines adherence to Outsourcing requirement
  • 18:38 What is outsourced
  • 21:48 On the relevancy of processes
  • 27:25 The process writer profile
  • 30:30 Part or Full-time outsourcing
  • 34:46 Outsourcing mistakes
  • 38:44 What is not subject to Outsourcing
  • 43:22 On Outsourcing Sales
  • 51:40 Core message

Key Points

"Outsource recurring and profitable activities"

"When Outsourcing you must take cultural attitude in account"

"Providers with language constraints mean requirements are likely to “get lost in the translation” "

"Record a video on “How to”, get someone to write the process and Outsource"

"Strategy is not subject to Outsourcing"

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Aderson Oliveira
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