#22 - Alma Abreu: Outsourcing Project Management
#22 - Alma Abreu: Outsourcing Project Management

I have spoken with Alma Abreu about project management, why business owners should consider adopting methodology like Agile to doing business in general and how to project manage an outsourced/remote team. She also talked about the importance of having a product road-map even if you are running a service business. And finally find out why she recommended business owners to build autonomous and automated teams.


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Short Recap

Outsourcing Project Management, the importance of it and how a new approach based on lean processes using Agile methodologies and Scrum framework will give you a leverage. Plus the relevancy of establishing and following up a "product roadmap" and creating autonomous and automated teams. Great conversation with loads of useful content.


  • 01:48 What is “Agile”
  • 04:04 On using the “Agile” methodology for all sorts of projects
  • 06:48 On the target businesses
  • 09:56 The coaching services portfolio
  • 12:08 On how to apply it to remote part-time outsourcing teams
  • 15:56 How clients realise needing help with project Management
  • 19:26 On the challenge of having a 3rd party representing the company
  • 22:50 On Internal and External projects
  • 18:38 What is outsourced
  • 25:30 On the subject of considering PM as an overhead
  • 28:16 The Horror Story
  • 30:25 What is subject to Outsourcing
  • 30:58 The typical client profile
  • 31:45 The key for success as a PM
  • 32:56 Product Roadmap approach
  • 35:00 Core message

Key Points

"Instead of a yearlong “waterfall” approach, Agile uses weekly deployment cycles"

"Scrum allows deliverables in short cycles, which motivates Teams"

"Agile means to have the ability to quickly adapt to market trends and demand"

"Using on-line collaboration tools is the best way to manage a team"

"Due dates are key to ensure projects stay on track"

"Trust builds upon proof of effectiveness and adherence to one’s endeavor. "

Links Mentioned

  • Trello - Project Management
  • Asana - Work Registry and tracking
  • GoToMeeting - Video collaboration and meeting tool


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