#23 - Armin Tüll: Outsourcing Paid Media
#23 - Armin Tüll: Outsourcing Paid Media

I have spoken with Armin Tüll about the ins and outs of Paid Media Advertising on Google and Facebook. We have spoken about what's hot right now in terms of ad strategies to get the best ROI. He shared the 2 keys to selecting a great media agency to work with and he mentioned that Results & Communication are the essential aspects to have a successful relationship with an outsourced paid media partner.


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Short Recap

Paid Media is a powerful way to reach your prospects and clients in advertising terms, yet it needs to be within full Marketing context as well as focused on your specific goals and market strategy, which is in turn empowered by assertive and timely communication. A very interesting conversation with a long term established, successful and expert Digital Marketer from Eastern Europe.


  • 01:27 What is “Paid Media”
  • 02:18 The Client Base
  • 03:40 On “challenging clients”
  • 05:38 On client interaction
  • 07:34 Ensuring 3rd party assertive requirements gathering
  • 09:12 On Portfolio and Strategic approaches
  • 12:16 On current Social Media ROI
  • 16:44 Is Facebook more affordable?
  • 19:34 On Paid Media client company profiles
  • 21:26 On telling the client that “Paid Media is not for them”
  • 23:46 How to evaluate a Paid Media services provider
  • 28:32 The Horror Story
  • 32:00 On starting a Paid Media consulting service
  • 34:32 On what is Hot in Paid Media right now
  • 37:14 The chat bots and messaging universe
  • 38:15 Core message

Key Points

"Poor communication and expectations setting leads to loosing clients"

"Better to be pessimistic to begin with than just to assume client expectations will be met"

"Split testing is vital to choose the message that provides better ROI"

"Success equals matching the message with client’s expectations"

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