#24 - Gonzalo Paternoster: Man of Systems
#24 - Gonzalo Paternoster: Man of Systems

I have a great conversation with Gonzalo Paternoster – The Man Of Systems – He systematizes and outsources everything on his businesses and that's why he is able to run, and be partner of, multiple businesses. He has over 100 outsourcing professionals working for him! He even trains businesses on how to create systems and automate processes with the use of outsourced professionals. Listen to this and get inspired to act!


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Short Recap

Great conversation about how to outsource and leverage profits with it, plus the need to slow down and look around prior to move forward as well as focusing on what you are good at while resorting to 3rd party expertise on what you are not an expert.


  • 02:46 On “Man of Systems”
  • 06:25 Learning how to outsource – personal experience
  • 08:50 On why many companies do not outsource
  • 10:41 On what is subject of Outsourcing
  • 14:32 How to lead client to realize the benefits of Outsourcing
  • 17:45 On the notion of Outsourcing being a “launch and forget” thing
  • 23:18 On overcoming the “Investment Barrier”
  • 27:48 The toolkit
  • 29:35 How often does work check take place?
  • 30:21 What is not subject to Outsourcing?
  • 38:42 On Top references
  • 45:33 How to recognize your Top Skill
  • 47:48 Core message

Key Points

"Most people don’t make money because they focus on learning how to do everything instead of outsourcing."

"Companies hire overpaid collaborators because they want someone who will solve all the problems."

"Humans only get from 2 up to 3 hours of productive work, that’s why hiring on hourly rate basis is key."

"If instead of what comes after taking the island you focus on the required weapon to do it, you will never be a general."

Links Mentioned


  • Slack - Real-time messaging
  • Zapier - Info automation between web apps automatically.
  • Joy Proof - video recording outsourced work.


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Aderson Oliveira
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