#26 - Jonathan Chizick: The Intersection of Outsourcing & AI
#26 - Jonathan Chizick: The Intersection of Outsourcing & AI

I have spoken with Jonathan Chizick about the connection between AI and Outsourcing. He talked about AppZen and how its AI powered solution is helping to automate some of the back office administrative tasks like expense report creation, auditing, and compliance; reducing costs and increasing accuracy. In the end he said that humans and their jobs aren’t going away, but AI will certainly be a big part of the future of work.


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Short Recap

AppZen is a new edge company leveraging the growing potential of Artificial Intelligence powered solutions, in the specific case towards expense reports creation, compliance assessment, and auditing. This is a brand-new chapter in IT landscape and the conversation was most valuable to understand how things are evolving as well as where they are likely to be in a near future. Great chat that can act as an eye opener for some viewers.


  • 01:50 How do AI and Outsourcing connect
  • 03:22 On AppZen
  • 04:54 Sales
  • 05:57 On the typical client profile
  • 07:00 On other portfolio options
  • 10:24 Proven leverage points
  • 12:42 The market size
  • 14:08 Market Trends
  • 18:04 The advice to Outsourcing providers
  • 19:43 On work shift
  • 21:25 AppZen Time to Market
  • 22:51 The implementation process
  • 24:02 The future
  • 25:47 Final message

Key Points

"Once you prove AI’s ROI prospects tend to get very excited about becoming clients. "

"When automating a Backoffice you need to go step-by-step or results will take an eternity to show up. "

"AI liberates resources time, allowing them to focus on strategic decision making."

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