#27 - Venkat Nagaswamy: Account Based Marketing & AI
#27 - Venkat Nagaswamy: Account Based Marketing & AI

I had an awesome conversation with Venkat Nagaswamy about what Account Based Marketing is and how AI can help to scale ABM initiatives. He also mentioned that one of the key aspects of a successful ABM strategy is content that speaks to the right targeted audience. Lastly he talked about the fact that AI is a bigger change than anything else we have seen before, and we are just getting started.


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Short Recap

This was a very enlightening conversation with Venkat Nagaswamy, founder of MarianaIQ.com (an AI Powered Account Based Marketing Platform). Venkat’s feedback on the leverage potential that AI represents towards making easy currently high effort demanding/ time-consuming activities (like Account Based Marketing), mirrors a colossal breakthrough concerning both assertive lead generation as well as time to market, therefore bearing a tremendous potential towards raising companies’ competitive edge. Definitely a glimpse at the huge potential of this AI’ brand new world.


  • 01:41 What is ABM
  • 05:25 On AI in action
  • 05:57 On the typical client profile
  • 08:59 On scaling such initiatives
  • 10:24 Proven leverage points
  • 10:52 About Outsourcing
  • 15:02 AI evolution
  • 15:54 The Birth of MarianaIQ
  • 18:09 On market potential
  • 21:55 ABM initiative key factors
  • 26:57 Matching Mariana’s portfolio towards the Key success factors
  • 28:34 Mariana’s client profile
  • 25:47 Final message
  • 32:12 On the potential towards marketing agencies
  • 33:19 On using the service in-house
  • 34:45 Success Story
  • 39:14 Main challenges on getting started
  • 41:33 Final message

Key Points

"Effective marketing teases the target prospect through the value it will add to him/ her. "

"The next 20 or 30 years will be dominated by AI, so everyone needs to understand it. "

Links Mentioned

The book – The Master Algorithm, by Pedro Domingos

How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World


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