#29 - Barbara Turley: Virtual Angels
#29 - Barbara Turley: Virtual Angels

I have spoken with Barbara Turley about why it is necessary to train clients and VAs on how to work together. She mentioned what are the key things that will make or break a Virtual Assistant initiative. Finally we spoke about the trends that are currently affecting the VA industry.


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Short Recap

Barbara created the company with the objective of recruiting, training and managing superstar Virtual Angels that may best fit corporate clients needs. Several great topics have been addressed like Time Zone Management, Proactiveness, Portfolio focus, target Clients and much more over a great chat.


  • 01:26 On eating one’s “dog food”
  • 02:03 Why the Philippines equals Vas?
  • 03:02 Virtual Angel Hub’s edge
  • 06:47 Making Proactive VAs
  • 10:10 On assessing profiles
  • 11:52 On the service model
  • 13:03 Focus
  • 14:07 About the Time Zone factor
  • 16:27 On setting expectations
  • 22:30 The Portfolio focus
  • 25:23 Why the current VA trend
  • 27:13 What’s next
  • 29:14 Final message
  • 30:56 On how detailed should the message be
  • 33:08 On client profile

Key Points

"If you don’t want to do all the leg work yourself you can resort to Virtual Angel Hub. "

"Anyone can be taught how to do something, yet enthusiasm, initiative, and pro-activeness are natural born qualities. "

"Clients also must undergo training and coach to better benefit from having a VA. "

"Slow spoken, crystal clear instructions will speed up your business. "

Links Mentioned

  • Infusionsoft - e-mail marketing and sales platform for small businesses.
  • TeamWork - team and project management online Cloud based tool.
  • Trello - online Cloud based tool for team awareness and management over projects.
  • Asana - online Cloud based web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work.


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Aderson Oliveira
Aderson Oliveira