#3 - Interview with Evaldas Miliauskas on Outsourcing Transcription Services
#3 - Interview with Evaldas Miliauskas on Outsourcing Transcription Services

I have spoken with Evaldas Miliauskas from CastSource.net about his company providing transcription services. He went through what you should look for when hiring someone to do transcriptions for you and your business. He spoke about the challenges and opportunities to work with outsourcing providers. We also went through some of the tools and automations that he uses on his business to improve communication and workflows.


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Short Recap

Transcription outsourcing focused on supporting podcasting. Finding the right freelnacers and dealing with the vanishing tendency of many. Delegating in order to grow and finding out what to do as a business and how to get clients. All of this and much more in a dynaic interview with Evaldas Miliauskason from CastSource.net


  • 02:25 CastSource.net
  • 06:02 The big idea
  • 09:18 Why to transcribe a podcast
  • 16:26 How to evaluate a proper professional transcription
  • 18:28 The work process
  • 28:23 Now as a client
  • 32:04 Horror stories
  • 33:36 Delegating
  • 36:21 Core Message

Key Points

"One way to decide on what to invest in is to look at the market and assess what is selling while having still some PTBS (problems to be solved). "

"Think about how can you provide more value to existing customers and then … just ask them. You will also be “networking”. "

"Setting deadlines is always a good way to assess a freelancer’s reliability. "

"Probably without Outsourcing I wouldn’t have a business. "

"Freelancers tend to vanish into thin air. "

"Finding a reliable freelancer who can make decisions on his/ her own is very difficult. "

"When speaking about customer base, what doesn’t grow eventually ends up dying. "

"Sort out what problem you can solve and then you have a Business Model to explore"

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