#30 - David Nevogt / Hubstaff: Beyond Time Tracking
#30 - David Nevogt / Hubstaff: Beyond Time Tracking

I have spoken with David Nevogt about tracking time and automating payments for remote teams. He says that these are some of the biggest burdens of working with outsourcing teams and he is solving that problem with his platform, Hubstaff. We also talked about Hubstaff Talent, which is a FREE marketplace for clients, agencies and freelancers to work together. All in all, a great conversation with a business owner that has a lot of experience with outsourcing – A term that he doesn’t like and would rather use "remote teams".


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Short Recap

Hubstaff addresses some of the main pain points of working with remote teams, namely time tracking and payment automation. Additionally, David launched Hubstaff Talent which is a Market place that promotes matching remote talents with clients in need of support. A great chat with an entrepreneur who literally has Outsourcing as his company’ Core Business.


  • 01:57 What is HubStaff
  • 03:47 Seeing beyond the “Big Brother complex”
  • 07:14 About the payment process
  • 08:42 Integrability
  • 11:27 Hiring pitfalls
  • 12:53 On eating one’s “dog food”
  • 14:00 The Team
  • 14:44 HubStaff Talent
  • 16:33 On the Staffing topic
  • 19:55 The future of Hubstaff
  • 22:14 Market Trends
  • 26:00 On going corporate
  • 28:53 Communication schedule
  • 30:36 Additional points

Key Points

"The main pain points related to remote work pertain awareness over work evolution and assertive payment automation. "

"Tracking work does not relate so much with a Big Brother attitude as it allows awareness. "

"Being aware as early as possible on how the work is evolving allows fine tuning which accounts for savings. "

Links Mentioned

  • BaseCamp - online project management and task tracking tool.
  • Slack - an online digital workspace allowing messaging and file sharing amongst team members.
  • Trello - online Cloud based tool for team awareness and management over projects.
  • Asana - online Cloud based web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work.


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Aderson Oliveira
Aderson Oliveira