#31 - Rishon Blumberg / 10x Management: Representing Tech Stars!
 #31 - Rishon Blumberg / 10x Management: Representing Tech Stars!

I have spoken with Rishon Blumberg. He is the founder of 10 X Management: An agency that represents Tech Freelancers the same way that Hollywood Agents represent actors. It is a very interesting model where they take care of all business aspects for coders that want to go freelancing but don't like negotiating, writing contracts, finding gigs and more. He also spoke about their talent vetting process and lastly he mentioned about current trends and what opportunities in the marketplace are hot right now.


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Short Recap

10x Management is an agency that represents and promote Tech Top Talents by matching the most appropriate professional talents towards existing companies’ problems to be solved. The objective is to create and maintain a Brand which is associated primarily with Top Quality standards delivered by the very best Tech Talents in the market.


  • 01:52 Clients versus Customers
  • 02:44 The Business Proposition
  • 06:08 From representing rock stars to Tech Superstars
  • 09:16 Going beyond staffing
  • 12:18 On why to work with 10x Management
  • 15:40 Breaking pre-conceived ideas
  • 18:24 Why not just “look for a job”
  • 22:56 On Supporting Clients
  • 24:05 On talent acquisition
  • 30:22 On exclusivity
  • 32:32 On the role during a project
  • 37:58 The Horror Story
  • 42:01 On current trends
  • 46:52 Final message

Key Points

"10x Management thrives for representing the best of the best tech freelancers in the market. "

"10x Management is a boutique agency that really gets to know its Clients and Customers. "

"Success is mirrored by the fact that 95% of the times a profile is proposed it ends up being the right one. "

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