#32 - Anfernee Chansamooth / Outsourced CMO
#32 - Anfernee Chansamooth / Outsourced CMO

I had a great conversation with Anfernee Chansamooth - He is the founder of Simple Creative Marketing which is a company that provides an Outsourced CMO service for time constrained Business Owners. At the beginning he shared the story about how he moved from a 9 to 5 corporate job to doing his own business. Hint: It involves brain surgery! He went on to explain what a Virtual CMO does and how to select one. He also said that outsourcing is great but you really need to get clear on what your expectations are so everyone involved is on the same page.


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Short Recap

CEOs do not have the time to focus on every operational or even strategic topic, therefore, it is becoming more trendy to Outsource roles like the CFO or the CMO. Outsourcing CMO expertise allows companies to have proper marketing support up to the extent of their need at a fraction of the cost of doing it internally.


  • 02:03 Added value for clients
  • 06:19 The birth of “Simple Creative Marketing”
  • 13:45 Why an Outsourced CMO
  • 19:58 Planning or hands on role
  • 24:18 On Facebook and Social Media
  • 25:28 On client geographical distribution
  • 28:02 The typical work week
  • 32:24 On Scaling the Service Model
  • 34:30 On how to choose a virtual CMO
  • 40:30 The Horror Story
  • 47:15 Final message

Key Points

"CMO Outsourcing derives from two main orders of reason: Time and Money"

"Meetings must be kept to the minimum necessary timeframe"

"Outsourcing is mostly about setting and meeting expectations"

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