#33 - Prayag Narula / Crowdsourcing With LeadGenius
#33 - Prayag Narula / Crowdsourcing With LeadGenius

I have spoken with Prayag Narula - CEO of LeadGenius.com about what crowdsourcing is and how it has been the key to LeadGenius success. We have discussed about the human side of crowds and for a crowdsourcing program to work well you have to create a true community for people to be a part of. You have to put names and faces to people. He is also very positive and passionate about the future of work and the opportunities that it is bringing to people all over the globe regardless where they are located. Watch or listen to this to understand more about what Crowdsourcing truly is.


Audio Only

Short Recap

LeadGenious assures quality market intel about best-fit prospects towards products or services portfolios based on a combination of AI discovery capacities and human intuition and scrutiny soft skills while leveraging a global Crowdsourcing community that mutually contributes towards business endeavors and local remote communities alike.


  • 01:50 About LeadGenius
  • 03:04 What is Crowdsourcing
  • 04:25 On the specific case of LeadGenius
  • 07:00 On the Crowd profile
  • 09:59 LeadGenius Crowd size
  • 12:05 On work profile
  • 12:32 On recruiting
  • 14:35 On the sense of Community
  • 17:00 On organizing the workforce
  • 18:23 On managing the Crowd
  • 19:38 A typical work week
  • 23:20 On the challenges of launching a Crowdsourcing initiative
  • 26:16 On AI
  • 30:39 The future of work
  • 33:52 Final message

Key Points

"AI performs the discovery and data gathering while humans will then fine tune the information."

"Having done research and investigation over the topic, creating and fostering a community is of the essence in Crowdsourcing. "

"Humans need to feel being part of a community which recognizes them to give their best. "

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