#34 - Paul Higgins / Build Live Give
#34 - Paul Higgins / Build Live Give

I have spoken with Paul Higgins, he is the Founder of Build Live Give which is a community of ex-corporate people looking to build a business they love. An aspect of helping his community is showing how to work effectively with outsourcing providers. He said that a great way to start with outsourcing is by hiring a virtual assistant. He mentioned something quite interesting: He never saw someone who worked with a VA and decided to go back before they had a VA. Work to your strengths and outsource everything else Lastly he said that, on contrary to what people usually think, outsourcing is also a great way to make money for the country you live in.


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Build Live Give allows former corporate collaborators support and consulting towards going solo on their own private business endeavors. Paul’s personal experience while undergoing such path as well as all the knowledge and contacts he managed to gather during the years he has been a solo entrepreneur, supports newcomers in avoiding some potentially critical pitfalls and mistakes that may prove to bear a severe impact on the business they are attempting to set up.


  • 01:50 About Build Live Give
  • 06:05 On Outsourcing
  • 10:47 On Scale
  • 13:32 On valuable contacts
  • 15:34 Common Outsourcing Pains
  • 18:44 On miss communication route causes
  • 21:14 On major roadblocks
  • 23:36 On communication’s Training
  • 27:29 On the relevancy of hiring a VA
  • 30:52 On bridging between client and supplier
  • 33:56 The Horror Story
  • 36:52 On getting started
  • 26:16 On AI
  • 38:00 Final message

Key Points

"Coca-Cola, almost $200 billion a year, one of the best run businesses in the world"

"The problem with smart people is that usually, they want to figure out things just by themselves"

"Most communication problems derive from the lack of experience, meaning not having had the need for it"

"While Outsourcing, if it looks too cheap it normally is so for a reason"

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