#35 - Meryl Johnston / Outsourcing Bookkeeping
#35 - Meryl Johnston / Outsourcing Bookkeeping

I have spoken with Meryl Johnston, the Founder of Bean Ninjas. She talked about the time saving benefits of having a bookkeeper working for your business. She went through the dynamics of working with a bookkeeper and what you should expect to get out of the engagement. She also said that business owners should invest in getting to know more about accounting because it is a fundamental skill and it will drive the success for their business. Have a listen and sharpen your accounting skills!


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Bean Ninjas focuses on Bookkeeping services towards SMEs, mainly on-line businesses, assuring proper track & Tracing and key financial data update into Accounting systems plus reporting towards making business owners financially aware of their business ventures evolution as well as where they may leverage revenues and cash flow streams. An Australia based company that has experts resources in several geographies, therefore enabling best in class bookkeeping services around the globe.


  • 01:59 Introduction to Bean Ninjas
  • 04:25 Accounting versus Bookkeeping
  • 06:55 On doing own bookkeeping
  • 10:10 On Tools
  • 14:19 Working as a Bookkeeper
  • 17:33 On “reconciliation”
  • 19:01 On target markets
  • 22:09 Ramping up challenges
  • 24:39 On sourcing overseas
  • 26:19 On client profiles
  • 29:47 The Horror Story
  • 35:18 On early on alternatives
  • 37:10 Adding value to clients
  • 40:19 Final message

Key Points

"Bookkeeping will become increasingly stressing as business grows"

"The whole point of Outsourcing is to free up the business owner time"

"Outsourcing to anywhere works fine as long as there are clearly defined processes to be followed"

"Resorting to Cloud-based financial tools will soon compensate the investment"

Links Mentioned

  • Xero - accounting software to manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping & more…
  • QuickBooks Online - Accounting Software. Services: Income & Expense Tracker, Online Banking, Financial Data Organizer, Payroll Integration, other…
  • Infusionsoft - automating small business sales and marketing, while combining CRM, email marketing, lead capture and e-commerce in one place.


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Aderson Oliveira
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