#37 - Rachel Severns / Inbox Zero
#37 - Rachel Severns / Inbox Zero

I have spoken with Rachel Severns from Virtually Done By Rachel about Inbox Zero – What it is and what it is not. We have talked about the email management services that she offers to her clients and how she uses the Inbox Zero strategy to make her clients more productive. Curiosity about Rachel: She lives in Alaska! Have a listen and I hope you enjoy the email management tips.


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Short Recap

Virtually Done core business pertains supporting clients managing their inboxes, making sure relevant information is conveyed and the irrelevant or redundant information is discharged, but also anything that may be automated or taking care by the service provider and not consuming the client’s work time, will happen in that manner. In some cases, the service portfolio also extends to other areas like the content or social media management.


  • 01:22 On becoming a Virtual Assistant
  • 04:34 The weather in Alasca
  • 05:50 On Inbox Zero
  • 08:06 On client common pains
  • 09:59 A concrete example
  • 14:55 On escalating what must be
  • 20:48 Starting with a new client
  • 17:08 On specific provided added value
  • 24:44 On communication
  • 26:12 On client profiles
  • 28:10 On additional services
  • 33:47 The Horror Story
  • 36:38 On deleting emails
  • 37:10 Adding value to clients
  • 40:08 Final message

Key Points

"Although highly skilled at their core activity, most clients are not able to properly manage their inboxes. "

"Workload can reach 100 emails per client each day. "

"A VA must add real effective value to the client. "

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Aderson Oliveira
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