#38 - Scott Gellatly / Virtual CTO
#38 - Scott Gellatly / Virtual CTO

I have spoken with the Founder of ScaleMyEmpire.com, Scott Gellatly. He said that as a Virtual CTO he brings the technical expertise to advise and implement systems for clients who may not be in a position to hire a full time professional CTO. He mentioned that whenever you do projects for clients with an outsourced team, you need a local Project Manager or Account manager to be the link between the client and the outsourced team. He is also a big time fan of business systematization not only for his own business, but for his clients too. Have a listen and get inspired to systematize and outsource!


Audio Only

Short Recap

Virtual CTO's support businesses throughout their growth pains by assessing the current status, consulting while proposing processes optimization and systematization plus best-fit support tools and then managing the project and inherent teams making sure the objectives are met.


  • 01:51 On Outsourcing
  • 04:01 On getting started
  • 07:28 Initial doubts
  • 09:02 On pitfalls
  • 11:32 On dealing with unhappy clients
  • 17:16 On systemizing the business
  • 19:00 The enabler toolkit
  • 23:14 The Virtual CTO
  • 26:07 On adding value to clients
  • 28:20 On client’s trigger point
  • 29:55 On client profile
  • 31:46 Offering Portfolio
  • 33:14 Consulting and Partners
  • 35:00 The Horror Story
  • 40:58 Final message

Key Points

"Although Having undergone the journey and understood where the pitfalls lay, now it’s the time to support others. "

"Understanding and forecasting the impact of cultural differences is vital for success. "

"Consulting and mentoring as well as assuring proper project management is what clients expect from a Virtual CTO. "

"An onsite Project Manager closely supporting the client has accounted for 99% of problem mitigation. "

Links Mentioned

  • Asana - Supporting teams to track their work.
  • Zapier - A web-based service that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use.
  • Mavenlink - A Project Management tool.
  • Prosperworks - A CRM software tool.


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Aderson Oliveira
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